From 18° 15' N, 77° 30' W to Planet Brooklyn and beyond. This blog is a display of my greatest weakness: black women and particular types. I like what my friends call "strange things" about black their collar bones, big hair, nappy hair, curly hair, bald head. The only thing that can top those things is a good smelling woman... So for right now, this blog is just a collection of images that have piqued my interest or satisfied some desire by forcing me to shake my head and punctuate my temporary disbelief in the momentary satiation with a "GOT-DAMN". Yeah; nappy haired, big haired, curly haired or bald headed sistrines. Yeah, got-damn. Yeah; sistrines with pronounced collar bones. Yeah, got-damn. Yeah; sistrines with an antiquated fashion sense and a futuristic sophistication. Yeah, got-damn.

*Disclaimer: I TAKE ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT FOR ANY OF THE PHOTOS/IMAGES POSTED ON THIS BLOG...see original TUMBLR SOURCE or LISTED SOURCE for any credits. None of the images here belong to me. I'm just an admirer.

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12th January 2014

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